The Swedish E-identification Board

The Swedish E-identification Board

The task for The Board is to promote and coordinate electronic identification and signature for the public sector e-services. The Swedish E-identification Board is an authority under Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications. Mr Mehmet Kaplan is Minister for Housing and Urban Development.

E-identification in Sweden today is a success story — over 4 million out of 9 million citizens have an e-id and they made over 250 million transactions in various private and public e-services during 2011.
The system with e-id in Sweden today is based on these premises:

  • E-identification for citizens are issued by private sector - mainly through banks and a large telecommunication provider
  • The public sector purchases validation control of the e-identification issuers on a commercial basis

What is new?

The aim is to continuingly develop a more flexible situation in the field of e-identification - with a takeoff in the ongoing infrastructure and without throwing overboard investments already been made.

  • Coordination and gradual development of infrastructur
  • New way to procure electronic identification services to meet legislative requirements
  • Introduction of a standardized identity assertion (using SAML)
  • Introduction of centralized signing as a consequence of use of standardized identity assertion

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